Does My Child Need Help?

It is useful to know the milestones of children’s speech and language development, especially if you’re a new parent.

Children usually say their first word by the age of one, start putting words together around one and three quarters. And by between three and three and half, they can be understood most of the time by most adults including those who don’t know them personally.

There are also some things to be aware of: Does your child

Have fewer than 50 words by the age of two?

Struggling with articulation?

Use only two sounds to pronounce all the words hke or she knows?

Not talk easily with other children or adults?

You shouldn’t be overly alarmed by any of these things. or if your child seems to be behind the usual schedule. Apart from the individuality of personal development, there are many reasons for children not sticking to this or any other ‘normal’ schedule. But it is usually helpful to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. It may be that your child needs some help.

You may find it useful to give me a ring or come and visit me here at Possible Words for me to meet and listen to you and your child and consider your child’s situation.

I have tried to use Zoom.  But for the purposes of clinical linguistics, it does not seem to work. So I work face to face, but with strict social distancing and either in our very quiet garden or in my clinic room with the window wide open and a constant flow of air.