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Doctor Aubrey
Nunes’s blog posts

“No child or case history should ever be personally identifiable in the real world”

The human instrument

In a wind instrument the variation is by the airflow and the length of the column of vibrating air. In speech, as well as adjusting…

Are ape gestures like words?

There is a perennial question: What do animals understand? In a new paper Cat Hobaiter and her colleagues ask: Are ape gestures like words? They…

Death of Raymond Briggs

The death of author and illustrator Raymond Briggs last Wednesday is a sad day for children’s literature. A bright light has gone out.

Thank you, NHS and Ambulance Service

In the last four years I have had three episodes of septicaemia. On two of these I passed out before getting to hospital. My wife…

First Biolinguistics Conference

I have just spent three days at a fascinating conference on biolinguistics, as the field now describes itself.

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