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Corona virus

The issue of infection control is complex. Masks obstruct the spread of an air-borne virus. The evidence is clear. But for small children and young people with communication issues, masks are a serious obstruction. Masks which make the mouth and lips visible make the wearer look weird.

I am fully vaccinated.

I test myself twice a week. If I test positive I suspend my clinic.

I keep a supply of masks of various types.

I have had Corona virus once without any clinical symptoms.

I have tried to use Zoom.  But for my purposes it does not tend to work well with small children. So I generally prefer to work face to face with strict social distancing either in our very quiet garden or in my clinic room with the window open and a constant flow of air. This is not to say that I never use Zoom. But I do so only if it is absolutely necessary and if it seems it may be useful despite the obvious limitations.

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