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London Speech &
Language Clinic

Helping parents worried about the speech of a child who can’t be understood or has difficulty reading or writing.

Are you one of those people who always wants to ask: Why? If you are, look around. If you just want to get things done, just contact me.

I try to maximise the experience of success and minimise the sense of failure.

You may be worried about your child not seeming to follow the ‘normal’ schedule. But children are individuals. There are many reasons for them making up schedules of their own,

There are three simple questions:

Are you worried?
Does your child seem to struggle?
Does your child avoid conversation?

If the answer to any of these questions is: Yes, some investigation may be useful.

Or do you have a problem yourself?

You want your child to do well not just in school, but to be safe, happy, enjoying life, fitting in and making friends. It is very worrying to think that your child may be suffering because of a communication problem.

Problems often go together. Many children who have problems learning to read and write have have previously had problems learning to talk. Being confident about talking is halfway to being able to read and write. These problems often run in families.

Being confident about talking is halfway to being able to learn to read and write.

Or are the problems here your problems?

I have been trained as a speech and language therapist and as a linguist. My experience is in treating a wide variety of speech and language conditions in  children and in adults.

I now specialise in the area where I have special training, experience and expertise – problems with the formation of sounds. words and sentences and related aspects of reading and writing, often diagnosed as dyslexia. Or where there is either no speech or language, or the speech is either limited or hard to understand, where the speech is either incomprehensible or unintelligible.

I follow a tradition going back to the 1660s. I am active in research.

I am in the process of applying for registration as a Speech and Lamguage Therapist with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Reading & Writing

When it comes to reading, writing and spelling, schools and teachers do their best. But there can be different points of view. And here it helps to be well-informed.


Reactions to news relevant to the issues here from a mainstream biolinguistics perspective. You are welcome to comment.

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