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To those who have taught me and those who have directly or indirectly supported the development of this website

The late Professor Lada Iosifovna Aidarova of Moscow University, whose thinking inspires and suffuses all the thinking here. To my sadness, I was never her student. Nor did I ever meet or speak with her. But I did meet someone who was taught in primary school by someone clearly trained in Aidarova’s apprach, and my source for how very knowledgeable parents reacted.

Professor Martin Atkinson, Department of Language and Linguistics, Essex University, who once came up to me in Square Three as it was called, saying “You might be interested in doing an MA in Theoretical Linguistics”. I had no idea what Theoretical Linguistics might be, but I had gained such respect for him on one previous course, that I promptly said, “Yes of course”.  As Christmas approached I suggested to everyone on the course that we sent him a joint Christmas card. Everyone competed for the honour. The winning entry was a witty sonnet by Andy Spencer, then starting his PhD. Martin was the quite the kindest of teachers, arranging for a special set of exams for me when I went down with an almost fatal appendicitis just before the scheduled exams.

Professor Ted Benton, Sociology Department, Essex University, who encouraged all of his students to think outside the box, but always with rigour and thinking through the consequences,

Professor Judith Duchan, a source of wise advice, who introduced me to the work of The Reverend William Holder and John Thelwall, arguably the first ever speech and language pathologists. Coincidentally Thelwall’s clinic. in what he jokily called North Brixton Cottage, 200 years ago was only a short walk from my own. North Brixton Cottage is now a large block of flats.

Derek Gillard, the archivist of education in England who kindly encouraged the historical research here.

Dr Richard “Jack” Lewis, my wife’s nephew, who kindly and skilfully directed, shot and cut the videos on this site. He helped me say BRIEFLY what I wanted to say.

My wife, Vivienne Lewis, now a much better photographer than I ever was, took the still pictures here.

Professor Galina Zakharova, psychologist of education from Moscow, who kindly read and corrected my article on Lada Iosifovna Aidarova and found me a picture of Aidarova.