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It is obvious that tongues and lips have have a role in speech. It’s called ‘articulation’. Some people think that tongues and lips are all there are. I disagree. 

You and yours

Love and observe

A diary provides the most sensitive and accurate measure of a child’s language development. If your child needs help, your diary will help to show this. >>

My work

Possible words therapy

By this approach to therapy, the goal is not to teach the child to say particular words, whether real or not, but to guide the child towards ways of saying any possible word >>


It is obvious and incontestable that there is a sensori-motor aspect of speech. The whole, incredibly complex apparatus, has to be moved, co-ordinated, and continually adjusted with extreme precision. The engineering is extraordinary. >>

Problems with S and Z – sometimes known as ‘lisps’

Why is it that such sounds which occur in most languages are so systematically difficult and mispronounced in such a regular way in English and other languages? >>

Positive experience

Positive experiences are more motivating than negative. Children learn better by the sensation of success than the sensation of failure. By focusing on success rather than failure, it is possible to proceed from one positive experience to another. >>

Children’s stories

Story telling is a wonderful way of developing language. It is fun, motivating, and prestigious – as children recognise that stories are part of the adult world and valued accordingly. >>

The mind of the child – not just letters

In the treatment of speech and language impairment, linguistics prompts a focus on what is happening in the mind of the child. This, in my experience, gets the fastest results. >>

Our work

Check list

This is a checklist of the points which may need to be checked in order to help with child or young person’s problems with communication. >>

To intervene or not

Impairment is obvious enough. But when it occurs with a child, there is an obvious question: Will the child just grow oout of it? >>

Confidential reports

Reports are sometimes necessary for colleagues in various fields or for parents. >>