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Check list

Some things to consider

This checklist covers the whole range of ages from toddlers to teenagers. If your child is a toddler, questions about long words, reading and writing, are obviously irrelevant. If your child is a teenager you may want to discuss any seemingly relevant points here with him or her.


  • Full name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Sex:
  • Address:
  • Landline:
  • Mobile:
  • Email:
  • Summary of the problem(s):


  • Parent(s), guardians
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Language(s)
  • Recent family history


  • First single words? Putting words together?
  • Sounds, rhythms, intonation?
  • Consistency in the pronunciations?
  • Putting words into sentences?
  • Understandability, to whom?
  • Any signs of frustration at not being understood?
  • Fluency? Stammering?
  • Any stops, slow downs, reversals in the process?
  • Play with others?
  • Understanding and responses to questions?
  • Liking like to talk or tell stories?
  • Difficulty with long words?
  • Beginning of the problem?
  • Any assessments by a speech and language therapist?
  • Diagnosis?
  • Treatment, by whom, for how long, with what effect?

Reading and writing

  • Interest in letters or words?
  • Confusion between similar-looking letters: d – b, u – n, m – n?
  • S back to front?
  • Confusion between similar-sounding letters: v – f, s – z?
  • Letter reversals in words: was – saw, now – won, left – felt?
  • Inconsistent reading – correct one time, wrong the next?
  • Reordering words?
  • Confusion about small words – a, the, of?
  • Difficulty in keeping the correct place on a line?
  • Poor understanding?
  • Difficulty with capital letters?
  • Dot on i or cross on t?
  • Difficulty forming numbers?
  • Difficulty getting letters pointing the right way?
  • Difficulty with punctuation and paragraphs?
  • Any family history of dyslexia?
  • Difficulty sequencing the alphabet, days, months, tables?
  • Obvious ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days, for no apparent reason?
  • Confusion between directional words – up and down, in and out?
  • Difficulty learning nursery rhymes?
  • Difficulty with rhyming words – cat, mat, sat?
  • Difficulty joining letters together?
  • Problems understanding what he/she has read?
  • Generally slow writing?


  • Accusations of not listening or paying attention?
  • Difficulty with clapping a simple rhythm?
  • Lack of self-confidence or poor self-image?
  • Need for repeated instructions, orders, telephone numbers?
  • Difficulty processing complex language?
  • Difficulty understanding the words of songs?
  • Has difficulty saying words in a new or second language
  • Understands text only as a continuous narrative or story?
  • Explains things only as narrative or story?
  • Gets confused by diagrams with labels?
  • Remembers what to say only in fragments?
  • Loses track of changes of focus in conversation?


  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Birth weight?
  • Any complications?
  • Any family history of issues with speech, language, literacy?
  • General health?
  • Ongoing treatment of any sort?
  • Early childhood?
  • Any infectious diseases, major injuries, or surgery?
  • Any hospitalisations?
  • Any relevant or significant diagnoses?
  • Experience of Covid?

Personality and general skills

  • Personality and general behaviour?
  • Hearing? Testing? When? With what results?
  • Sensitivity to noise? What sort(s) of noise?
  • Difficulty with lists, ordered instructions?
  • Understanding what is said in noisy places?
  • Any diagnosis in relation to the anatomy of the mouth?
  • Anything inappropriate getting put into the mouth?
  • Co-ordination and balance?
  • Hopping, skipping, running, jumping, kicking, catching?
  • Understanding pictures?
  • Using two hands together?
  • First crawling, sitting, standing, walking?
  • Excitability?
  • Attention and concentration?
  • Any problems telling the time?