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Possible words therapy

By this approach to therapy, the goal is to help the child say whatever word or words he or she wants to say, This can mean guiding him or her towards an understanding....

Diagnosis glasses5R


If you can see something is wrong with your child, you want to know what it is, and have it explained in terms you can understand. A diagnosis, in other words.


An instrument

All living humans have the same apparatus for speech with one resonator in the mouth and one in the two sides of the nose. Both resonators can be manipulated in ways which we start learning even before birth ... The engineering and the learning are both extraordinary.


S and Z problems

The speech sounds .... S and Z can be broken down into components or ‘distinctive features’. By looking at the issue in a ‘featural’ way, the task of getting a normal S or Z can be broken down into smaller, more easily achievable steps.



By a five hundred year old tradition in work with children.... positive experiences are more motivating than negative ones... This .... mirrors the natural process of learning to speak.

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Stories are magic.


The child’s mind

... linguistics prompts a focus on what is happening in the mind of the child. Words can be not what they seem. Or mean more than one thing....



... traditional songs often have a chorus..., for example... E - I - E - I _ O.

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